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Ronnie with Bob, who is my greatest support
photo by Joan Robinson

Veronica H. Hart    

I am a member of:
  • The Florida Writers Association, Central East Coast Regional Director, Group Leader for Daytona Beach
  • Historical Fiction Society
  • The Ormond Writers League
  • Sisters in Crime
  • City Island Fiction Writers
  Having lived and worked all over the US and abroad, it's difficult to summarize my experiences. Suffice it to say, I have tried many things, succeeded at some. At the moment I am focusing on writing and working to see my works published.

My latest adventure in writing is the publication of my science fiction, dystopian novel, Silent Autumn. This is soon to be released by Champagne Books. The story is set in the year 2179. I loved writing this book and setting up my own future world that does not include a single zombie.

The other major change in my writing life is that I regained my publishing rights to two of my books and have now published them under the imprint of Uppity Woman Press. Elena-the Girl with the Piano and The Reluctant Daughters have had new life breathed into them. The books haven't changed, only the covers, but a tremendous amount of interest is being shown in them and thank you to all the readers buying them.
One of the most successful efforts has been participating in critique groups and leading a writers workshop for the past several years. I have learned more in these sessions than I ever did in college classes. The biggest bonus is the friends I have made. 

Networking at conferences has also helped my understanding of the publishing business, as much as one can understand it in these changing times.

And last but not least, I have enjoyed conducting all day writing workshops on a variety of topics. Most recently one on Historical Fiction.

For all day workshops on writing, contact me.

Workshops: (1/2 or full day)

Historical Fiction
A Play in a Day (for novelists)
Lively Dialogue
Outlining or Not, Create Your Book

Daytona Area Writers

The Florida Writers Association

Champagne Books

For more information about workshops available