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Royal Palm Literary Award winner!
Quarter finalist in the ABNA

    Young Janice Parker travels to Iran for a holiday visit only to find herself caught in the throes of a violent revolution. When her father is injured, it is up to her to find a means to escape the country.

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Escape from Iran

An award winning novel. Including 2nd place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards, Young Adult category, and quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition.


Chapter 1


Janice Parker gripped the armrests, her knuckles white, as the 727 bounced along the runway of Mehrabad Airport. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and prayed it would taxi to a safe stop. The plane slowed. Cautiously she opened her eyes and saw the white-haired man next to her arranging his briefcase, flight bag and heavy overcoat. His actions appeared calm and normal. She breathed a sigh of relief as he turned toward her.

“Someone is meeting you?” he questioned in a heavy accent.

“My father, thank you.” She felt the blood flowing back into her fingers. “Is it always so rough landing here?”

He smiled quickly and his blue eyes twinkled when he answered her. “I presume you have not yet flown out of Tehran.”

She shook her head, her brown eyes wide with amazement at his casual reference to the dangers of leaving. Well, she thought, she had six weeks before she had to worry about that.

“No,” she answered with a nervous laugh. “I’ve never traveled alone before. My father is Professor James Parker. He’s an archeologist working in the desert. I’m going to stay with him during my Christmas holiday.”

“Professor Parker, the archeologist.”

“Do you know him?” Janice asked, hoping he did. It would somehow make him a friend in a foreign country, someone she could refer to, except she didn’t know his name.

“Sorry, my dear. We are nearing the terminal building and soon you will be with your father. Please take care while visiting.” He quickly amended his statement. “Not to worry though, you should be perfectly safe in the desert under the watchful eyes of your father.”

Comments from the ABNA Expert Reviewer where "Escape from Iran" reached the quarter-finals for 2011.

What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?
The novelty of a story about a young woman's adventures in the evolving Iran of 1978 is a breath of fresh air. The evocative writing makes the airport in Tehran visible; the apparent chaos and noise, disorienting to an uninitiated foreigner, brings another culture alive to the reader, as does the night drive through soldier-filled streets and the strangeness of the oasis in the desert.

What is your overall opinion of this excerpt?
I was so pleased to at last read a real, involving, exciting tale about a young person on the verge of a stupendous event. This beats any oh-dear-what-about-high-school-and-my-parents-are-creeps stories I've been reading. Janice is about to enter a world she couldn't imagine in her wildest dreams, and become involved in a story so exciting that, if she survives it, will take her through life handily and make her able to surmount any obstacle.