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Murder in Morocco
A musical murder mystery set in 1937 Tangier

Presented May 2004 at The Ilion Little Theater, Ilion, NY
Musical Direction by Dave Stritmater
Presented July and August 2008 at The Daytona Playhouse, Daytona Beach, Florida
Musical Direction by Maestro Timothy Turner

Set designed by Veronica and Robert Hart and Matthew Hudson.

     The play, written by Veronica H. Hart as an interactive murder mystery, was converted to a legitimate stage production in 1994. In 2002, her husband suggested it would make a great musical so for two years she worked with Dave Stritmater and Carolyn Newbold, who wrote the musical score, and Margaret Z. Becker, who helped fit her lyrics into the proper rhythm and cadence for the music.  Once produced, it was adjudicated by the New York State Theater Association and presented with Outstanding Achievement Awards for Original Book, Original Score, Original Lyrics, Costumes, Set and Set Dressing. 

     Curtain opens.  Enter Achmed, the local tour guide followed by his assistant, Jasmine.  They quickly confirm that the restaurant is prepared to receive guests.  The bartender is in place.  The tourists enter: Thelma Anderson, Alfred, Mrs. Elting-Burston accompanied by Nurse Nancy, Marion Trent-Lee, and Violet.  The bombastic Michael Taylor enters last. 
     Achmed explains through song how he can be helpful : No Problem, Mister.  The song ends on a sinister note with "Danger lurks in shadows nigh and nobody cares if you die."

     Conflict is established between Michael and everybody else in the group.  First with Achmed when Michael complains about all the money his wife, Sandra, spent in the souks.  In "Michael's Lament" he begins by singing, "I didn't work hard all of my life, to see it all spent by my frivolous wife."  The chorus responds with: "We want carpets and dresses and rings, silken scarves and exotic things."
     The arrival of Karen Marie Holmes, a young archeologist in search of Marion Trent Lee, complicates the relationships that have been developing.  Mrs. Lee, believing Karen to be another adoring admirer of her book, "No Friend of Freud," sings her song of the same name.  Her song begins, "I really am annoyed at this charlatan named Freud."  This delightful parody of psychology, music and lyrics by David Stritmater, leaves the audiences laughing.    
     Karen explains how she became stranded in Tangier with no money and no home.  Her song begins:  "Home, where is home?" and ends with, "And still there is no one to care."

     The plot thickens with more complications and songs providing suspects, and even a belly dancer.

     This show has one set.  The music is written for piano and flute with finger cymbals for the dance numbers.  It can be enhanced with more percussion.
     For production, royalty information please send an email to vhhart@gmail.com

Every production of the musical sold out.

Hi Veronica,


I attended this past weekend, as you know. My friend and I really enjoyed it! I thought it was a great story. Very entertaining and interesting. Technical difficulties with the sound aside, it was a wonderful show. I loved the array of characters, thought the belly dancer was a pleasant and entertaining surprise, and enjoyed all aspects of the production. I was really surprised to later read in the program that the girl who played Karen is so young, so did a great job! Bravo!




Jacqueline Bodnar

Freelance Writer