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An interview from Matlacha Author Days, December 2013.

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Uppity Women Press

Elena - the Girl With the Piano,
a novel, available in bookstores and on-line at Amazon.com - From make believe-piano to Carnegie Hall, the story of a young girl's struggle to survive traveling from Leningrad to Germany during WWII.  *Finalist - EPIC Awards 2014 (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition.)

The Reluctant Daughters
- Elisabeth Ackert Riis will stop at nothing, including using her drug addicted daughter as a weapon, to stop Senator Justin Pembroke in his bid for the presidency of the United States in 1900.

Champagne Books

The Prince of Keegan Bay,  a Blenders novel, available at  
www.champagnebooks.com in both print and ebook. When the American born heir to the kingdom of Kushawa is hidden in an age-qualified retirement community, a battle of wits and tactics develops between the Kushawan Alliance of Royal Princes (KARP), determined to eliminate the infant, and a group of senior citizens, The Blenders, equally determined to save him.

The Swimming Corpse, Blenders Book II (www.ChampagneBooks.com) Doll Reynolds finds a corpse in the swimming pool of her new house. She once again finds herself embroiled in a life and death situation, only this time it is her life that is in danger. Can The Blenders help her this time?

Safari Stew, Blenders Book III (www.ChampagneBooks.com ) Doll heads off to South Africa where she believes her long lost husband is working as a professor. The group goes along and finds themselves mixed up in a safari stew of murder.

Silent Autumn- (www.ChampagneBooks.com) a futuristic romance/thriller set in 2179 - When Taylor Left Hand F overhears a private conversation between two leaders about a project called Silent Autumn designed to destroy the leaders of The Western Territories, she knows she has to escape The North unnoticed. Max, the security guard for the president, discovers her and together they make a run for it, but to where? With chips inserted into their bodies at birth, there is no place to run, no place to hide, unless...

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Escape from Iran - A Young Adult novel - Sixteen year old Janice arrives in Tehran in the winter of 1978 to find that her archeologist father has been arrested.  Fearing he may be executed for a crime he didn't commit, she goes on a search for help to get him out of the country. 

Murder in Morocco: the musical
- recipient of seven Outstanding Achievement Awards from the Theater Association of New York State.

Works in Progress:
Midnight in Mongolia Doll travels with a cooking show to Mongolia. Al, Larry and Old Howard, members of the Blenders, follow along. On the last day of filming, Al and Larry decided to take a day trip to the Ghenghis Khan Equestrian Statue and then to an ancient monastery. Instead of a delightful day of sightseeing, the two are kidnapped and then abandoned on the steppes of Mongolia. All Doll and Howard know is that they must pay a ransom by midnight. But to whom and where? Those are the questions.
Talk to the Knife,  a paranormal murder mystery/romance set in rural Georgia. When interior designer, Marianna Edgewater buys an abandoned school building to use as her studio, she hadn't expected it to come with a resident spirit. The young girl murdered at the site in 1978 cannot rest until the real killer is found and the innocent man who was jailed can be released. The murder weapon is the medium.


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